In January, Fremont360 published a brochure, “100+ Things to Do in Fremont County,” with the intention of publishing an updated brochure every quarter. Then came the COVID-19 outbreak and the subsequent statewide closure of “non-essential” businesses and the Stay-at-Home order. However, after looking over the 100+ Things list, we realized that there are a lot of things you can still do around here!!

Click HERE to read the Department of Public Health and Environment’s FAQs regarding the Stay at Home order. FAQs for Outdoor Activites are listed at the bottom of the page.

30+ Things You Can STILL Do in Fremont County During the COVID-19 Quarantine

  1. Take a self-guided tour of Skyline Drive (download guide HERE)
  2. Go fishing on Fremont County’s own Gold Medal Stream – the Arkansas River
  3. Get take-out craft beer from a local brewery
  4. See dinosaur footprints along Skyline Drive
  5. Walk the Arkansas River Walk
  6. Enjoy a cup of take-out coffee from a local coffee shop
  7. Get take-out food from a local restaurant (see our list of available restaurants HERE)
  8. Explore the hiking/mountain biking trails at the Royal Gorge, South Cañon, Section 19, the Hogbacks, and Oil Well Flats
  9. Take an online yoga class
  10. Take an online painting class from a local artist
  11. Take your furry friends to the dog park
  12. Fly a kite at Pathfinder Park
  13. Walk or bike through historic tunnels on Tunnel Drive
  14. Watch spectacular sunrises/sunsets from Skyline Drive
  15. Order great take-out pizza from a local pizzeria
  16. Go golfing
  17. Walk your dog
  18. Take selfies at all 21 Dino Daze Sculptures
  19. Go horseback riding
  20. Look for bighorn sheep in Bighorn Sheep Canyon
  21. Attend an online church service
  22. Get an amazing panoramic view of the area from Island in the Sky
  23. Identify rocks from 48 different states in the Skyline Drive entrance arch
  24. Go geocaching
  25. Get take-out hard cider from a local cidery
  26. Go birdwatching
  27. Go on a wildflower hike
  28. Go canoeing on Brush Hollow Reservoir
  29. Go for a picnic with members of your household
  30. Adopt a furry friend at the Humane Society of Fremont County
  31. Hike the Marsh-Felch Dinosaur Quarry Trail
  32. Feed the ducks and geese at “Duck Park”
  33. Participate in the Florence Cartoon Chase 
  34. Participate in the Cañon City Bear Hunt 
  35. Go outside and howl at 8:00 every night in support of our healthcare professionals
  36. Shop at a local store that has online or virtual shopping
  37. Order wine from a local winery
  38. Buy gift cards from local businesses to help them make it through
  39. Take a self-guided Heritage tour (click the link to download a guide)
          * Fremont County’s Coal Camps
          * Western Fremont County 
          * Fremont County Cemeteries 
          * Downtown Cañon City 
          * Downtown Florence 
          * Historic Howard 

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  • Follow social distancing guidelines. If you can’t stay at least 6 feet away from other people, find another place to do your activities.

  • Limit your recreation companions to members of your own household

  • Keep your recreation activities within Fremont County

  • Do not take any undue risks

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Click HERE to read the Department of Public Health and Environment’s FAQs regarding the Stay at Home order.


State of Colorado FAQs on Outdoor Activities

Is it OK to go outside and exercise or play?

It is physically and mentally healthy to be outdoors. Be outdoors at times and in places where you can maintain 6 feet of physical distance between yourself and others.

Is it OK to gather in groups to socialize outside?

  • It is best to socialize only with your household members, but physical activity promotes health and well-being. If you are doing outdoor activities with people outside your household, limit group size and make sure there is at least 6 feet of physical distance between all people at all times.
  • People should not gather in any outdoor space where they cannot maintain 6 feet of physician distance from one another.  That includes pavilions, areas that offer shelter, or other outdoors areas that invite people to congregate and groups and do not allow for 6 feet of physical distance. 

What about parks and playgrounds? Are they open?

  • State parks are open for walking, biking, etc., but all playgrounds, picnic areas, campgrounds, and other areas where groups might gather are closed. Restrooms in state parks are open. Please practice good handwashing and distancing if using state park restrooms.
  • For city and county parks, check with your local government or parks department to find out whether parks are open and whether the park restroom facilities are open.
  • At this time, if a playground is open, we recommend you do not use it.

The order says that all playgrounds, picnic areas, other similar areas conducive to public gathering, and attended areas shall be closed. What are other similar areas?  What are attended areas?

An attended area is an area where people tend to gather, such as playgrounds, picnic areas, areas that have equipment for individuals to use, and areas with shelters to provide shade.  These types of areas are not easily adapted to allow adherence to Social Distancing Requirements, and they further expose individuals to multi-touch surfaces where disease transmission could occur.  Local jurisdictions can determine whether parks within their jurisdiction that are not state parks can remain open. Restrooms that remain open in these areas must be cleaned on a daily basis.

Are golf courses open?

Golf courses can remain open for outdoor activities; however, Social Distancing Requirements must be strictly followed. Clubhouses, restaurants, snack bars and pro shops must not be open and tee times and golf fee transactions made only online. Only household  members may share a golf car or be a caddy for a golfer. Golfers are strongly encouraged to not touch any equipment that is not their own (e.g. tees and flags).

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