Today on the Fremont360 blog, we are starting a new semi-regular feature called Business Spotlight, in which we will talk with the owners of various Fremont County-based businesses and learn more about what they do, how they do it, why they do it, etc.

For our initial Business Spotlight blog post, I had a chat with Janna Hagan, owner/proprietor of the Owl Apothecary, located at 124 S Pikes Peak Ave in Florence, CO. The Owl Apothecary is celebrating its one-year anniversary on Saturday, July 7 with a big party at the shop from noon to 6:00 with live music, a tarot card reader, raffle prizes, and special discounts, so stop by to celebrate with Janna and see this wonderful little store for yourself!


Fremont360: Tell me a little bit about the Owl Apothecary. What do you do? What’s an apothecary?

Janna: Originally an apothecary was a pharmacy. That’s sort of what the name means. We like to take that to the next level and talk about all-over healing. That’s what our specialty is – mind/body/soul healing. A lot of people go to a doctor and expect to get a pill to make them feel better and that’s not our approach at all. We want well-rounded wellness, so we deal with your emotions, your mental health, what kind of food you’re eating. It’s an overall approach so it’s not a one-stop pharmacy type shop. But we did take that name and expanded on the idea.

Fremont360: What kind of things do you sell here?

Janna: We sell functional teas – teas that can help you detox different organs of your body, teas that can make you feel relaxed, feel happy, feel sleepy. We have lots of CBD products. We like to tincture a lot of our proprietary blends to make them more effective. We also do topical salves, creams, and lotions, both CBD and non-CBD, as well as custom aromatherapy blends. Our store serves people in the Fremont County area, but we can ship all over the country or all over the world if we need to.

We also have various products to support your spiritual side because we really believe that that is part of healing as well – having a sense of higher purpose.

The Owl Apothecary also hosts yoga classes, workshops and other special events, such as a Japanese Tea Ceremony and this Sunday’s “Eating for Longevity” workshop with Dr. Susan Levy from 11:00am-1:00pm. See the bottom of this post for the yoga schedule and subscribe to the Owl Apothecary’s Facebook page to learn about workshops and special events. They are also on Instagram.

Fremont360: What made you decide to open a business like this?

Janna: I originally moved to Colorado from California with the intention of being a life coach. I always felt like I gave really good advice, but I felt like that advice came from a higher place. It wasn’t my head giving the advice, I was just a channel for it. So I felt sort of a calling towards that, to help people help themselves. But even as a certified life coach, I never felt completely right about the monetary part – how do you put a price on providing information to somebody to help them heal themselves or to make wiser decisions? So that was where I started delving into the whole healing process.

After several negative experiences at a now-defunct natural health products store in a nearby city, Janna resolved to provide a similar service to the community while putting her customers first and giving them a positive experience. After sharing her dream with friends and other community members, she gained their emotional and financial support and, before she knew it, her dream grew wings and took flight.

Janna: And then my herbalist, Stephanie, sort of fell into my lap at the same time that all of this was happening and that was the most beautiful clue that this was all meant to be. She has just grown leaps and bounds in stepping up to be a real partner and I don’t know if I could make a decision without her now. I definitely wouldn’t have this business without her, that’s for sure. I don’t have a degree in herbs, I just have a passion for it so I need her to kind of balance me out. And vice versa.

Fremont360: What other kinds of things do you sell at your shop?

Janna: We have jewelry, crystals, energy drinks, colloidal silver products, smudging supplies – just anything for overall wellness. We also have a lending library. We like to order things for our customers that they don’t see at the shop, so if there’s something that our customers need that we CAN get, we will. We also feature the work of local artists and we really love having that extra added aspect to the place. And our walls are brightly colored as well so it adds another dimension.

Fremont360: What is significant about the “owl” in Owl Apothecary?

Janna: The owl is kind of my spirit animal. I feel like I AM an owl. I mean, I have these big ol’ glasses, I feel fairly wise for my young years, so I feel like I kind of am the wise owl in a lot of ways. I’ve always loved owls my whole life and have been drawn to them, so the owl was my first inspiration and, of course, they hold wisdom.

Our logo is very significant – the owl has the flower of life in the center, in the solar plexus chakra area, and that’s significant because that area holds all of our knowledge regarding who we are, where we come from, how to live long and prosper, for lack of a better term.

Fremont360: What else do you want us to know about the Owl Apothecary?

Janna: We have a Facebook page which is @OwlApothecaryCO and we’re on Instagram. Our Facebook page always has our most up-to-date events, guest speakers, workshops, products, etc., so that’s your best bet to stay current with us.

Fremont360: What do you like about living and working in Florence?

Janna: I don’t know what it is about Florence, but I have watched this little town transform into this magical little gem right in front of my eyes in the 4 years since I moved here from California. It seems like the change started when Ito’s Restaurant came. Once Ito’s opened in Florence, it ushered in this whole new wave of energy that just completely transformed the town. The median age has shifted to a younger demographic. We’re getting a lot of teachers, entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, and healers and that’s just really beautiful to see. I think that we’re all kind of just being called to come here. Florence is small enough that you can have an effect by just being an individual with a passion for something. You can absolutely follow your dreams in a town like this, so I was able to do that.

In addition to running the Owl Apothecary, Janna also manages the local pizza restaurant, serves on the board of the Florence Chamber of Commerce and is the Vice President of the Florence Merchants’ Association. After an unsuccessful run for a seat on the city council last year, Janna realized that she could do more for the city she loves by being at the heart of it, specifically by being involved in these organizations.

Fremont360: So with all of your “busy-ness,” what do you do for fun?

Janna: Rafting. I LOVE to go rafting! Being on the river is my happy place for sure. It probably helps that I’m a water sign. I do very much love the water and that’s where I try to be on my days off, if I get one.

Fremont360: OK, fun question not related to anything else… what’s your favorite 80s band?

Janna: It’s either Wham! or Toto.


Thank you, Janna, for the great chat!

Be sure to visit the Owl Apothecary at 124 S Pikes Peak Ave in Florence!


Monday – Mindfulness Monday – 6:30pm-7:45pm – All levels
Tuesday – Basic Yoga – 6:00pm-7:15pm
Wednesday – Yoga & Tea – 5:30pm-6:45pm – All levels with a special tea blend after class
2nd & 4th Thursdays – Advanced Power Yoga – 5:30pm-7:00pm
Select Sundays – Gentle Yoga – 9:30am-10:45am; Kids Yoga, Reiki or Yin Yoga – Check the Owl Apothecary’s Facebook page to see what’s scheduled!

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