Have you heard the great news? Cañon City make the Top 10!

OK, so what does that mean? Let’s take a step back. In November, Cañon City was named by the Small Business Revolution as one of 20 towns out of nearly 12,000 applicants (!) to compete for the spotlight on Season 4 of the HULU original program, “Small Business Revolution – Main Street.” The premise of this show is the Small Business Revolution and the Deluxe Corporation search for one lucky town – and six of its small businesses – to win a $500,000 (!) boost from Deluxe, and they document the transformations in an original TV series.

The Top 10 towns were announced on Tuesday and Cañon City made the cut!! What a exuberant moment that was for the folks who attended the Top 10 – Small Business Revolution Watch Party at the Cañon Royal Event Center yesterday morning! The Top 10 towns are as follows (in alphabetical order):

  1. Arlington, WA
  2. Biddeford, ME
  3. Camas, WA
  4. Cañon City, CO
  5. Corsicana, TX
  6. Durant, OK
  7. Marinette, WI / Menominee, MI
  8. Pageland, SC
  9. Searcy, AR
  10. Washington, NC

So what’s next? The Small Business Revolution team will be visiting Cañon City on January 31st and February 1st of 2019. Per the Small Business Revolution website, “Our team will be on the road all month long, coming to meet all of you and learning more about each town and its small businesses, and how they would benefit from our Main Street revitalization. This is the phase where we’re calling on your communities to rally and get active on social media, sharing all the things you love about your town.”

So there’s your CALL TO ACTION, people of Cañon City! You can get involved by getting active on social media, by posting about Cañon City, your favorite things about the city, what your favorite businesses are and why, etc. PHOTOS and VIDEOS would be especially helpful! Each time you post, be sure to use the hashtag #mycanoncity and also tag @smallbizrev on Facebook, @smallbusinessrevolution on Instagram, and @smbizrevolution on Twitter. That’s how the folks at The Small Business Revolution will keep track of our engagement and gauge the enthusiasm of the community.

Keep in mind that there is $500,000 at stake here!!

We encourage you to watch the previous 3 seasons of “Small Business Revolution – Main Street” to get a good idea of what this is REALLY about and what the Small Business Revolution team might be looking for in their Top 1 town.

SEASON 1 – Wasbash, IN  / SEASON 2 – Bristol Borough, PA / SEASON 3 – Alton, IL

Hey Cañon City, LET’S WIN THIS!!

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