Out of 12,000 nominations (!!), Fremont County’s very own Cañon City has been chosen as one of the Top 20 towns in the running to be on the Hulu TV show The Small Business Revolution. A $500,000 municipal makeover is at stake, so this is a VERY BIG DEAL!!!! Here’s what you can do to show your Cañon City pride and to help our great town beat out the competition:

  • The criteria for selecting the winning city has a lot to do with how we engage social media. Share posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram about your favorite Cañon City businesses, what you think makes Cañon City great, and/or information about/photos of an event you’ve attended in Cañon City. BE SURE to include the hashtag #MyCanonCity and tag @smallbusinessrevolution.    
  • Write a post on The Small Business Revolution Facebook page telling them who your favorite business is in Cañon City and why and include the hashtag #MyCanonCity.
  • If you own or manage a small business in Cañon City, take a short (20-30 second) selfie video telling the Small Business Revolution team why your business could use their help and why they should choose Cañon City for Season 4. Post the video to your social media page and again include the hashtag #MyCanonCity and tag The Small Business Revolution Facebook page.
  • Also if you own a small business in Cañon CityPlease fill out this quick survey: https://www.deluxe.com/small-business-revolution/business-application

The deadline for this phase of the competition is Dec. 3 and the Top 10 will be announced on Dec. 11.


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