A Fantastic Time Was Had By All!!

The Florence Pioneer Museum and Research Center, in partnership with the Florence Brewery, would like to thank the Fremont County community and surrounding areas for a wonderful “Chili and Beer” event on May 8th. Best. Fundraiser for the museum. Ever!!  The Museum was very excited to work with the Florence Brewery and hope to be able to do it again in the future. FPM would like to thank the many, many volunteers who helped make this event successful. First our chili wranglers: Jay Price, Michele Hinsey and Mayor Dick Upton. The individually wrapped, home-made cookies were by Laura Girouard: mmm…mmm…good! Our money managers for the day: Dale Johns and Paul Villagrana. Between them and our traffic director, Roger Zebil, they kept everyone going in the right direction of the chili. A big thank you to our extended man power helpers, Berton Lamm and Gene MacKinnon who help lay out tables and chairs.

Now, HUGE thanks to our chili chicas and chicos who made the fantastic food everyone had for the event:  Mike and Kay Abbott, Joyce Archuletta, Jim Avila, Mary Chamberlain, JoAnne Day, Kat, Duncan, Carol Eblen, Anthony Esquibel, Ruth Farmer, Ruby Gordon, Bill Hinsey, Dale Johns, Andy Lovins, Sandy Merrill, Denise, Miller, Maeghan Miller, Ruth Ontiveros, Jay Price, Rose Selko, Rhea Taylor, David Villagrana, Jean Villagrana, and Carol Vincent.  The Florence Pioneer Museum couldn’t have done this event without YOU!

There are 24 bowls and three brown handled cups left. If you wanted to get to the chili lunch to buy a bowl but could not, you may come to the museum during business hours to see if anything tickles your fancy for $10 a bowl/cup. The bowls and cups will be for sale through the rest of this month. Monies raised in this fundraiser will go towards: pointing the west wall of the museum, up-grading the electrical issues in the Braden/Griffith Room, extending our HVAC system throughout the rest of the museum, and collecting matching monies for grants. People can always support the FPM through our “Bricks for Bucks” program or the “Century Club”. See the website for more details on these opportunities.  www.florencepioneermuseum.org

Jay Price, chili wrangler, helping out at the “Chili and Beer” fundraiser.

Leftover bowls and cups for sale at the Florence Pioneer Museum

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