Chrysalis Consignments is a classy, clean and joyful ladies’ consignment shop located in historic downtown Cañon City. But there’s more to the story than just that.

When life gave owner Celeste Wilson lemons, she decided to make lemonade. In 2009, Celeste was blessed with the opportunity to purchase an existing consignment shop in Cañon City called the Clothes Carousel. But, as Celeste says, “It always felt like I was caring for someone else’s vision.” After the 5-year lease expired on the space occupied by the Clothes Carousel, Celeste moved her shop to the current location downtown and decided to rename the store and to create a space that uniquely reflected her own vision.

“The Lord gave me the name Chrysalis Consignments. He continued to give me direction and the idea for the logo.” The logo for Chrysalis Consignments is of a beautiful light green chrysalis and a stunning plum-colored butterfly. Celeste states, “Perhaps the butterfly is proof that you can go through a great deal of darkness and still become something beautiful.” 

Celeste’s goal for her new space was to create a place where “women could find items that made them feel lovely. I hoped to use the store to encourage women to step into their true selves.” And she has done just that.

Chrysalis Consignments sells near-new and brand new clothing and every accessory imaginable, including both fine and costume jewelry, shoes, belts, and purses. “With over 3,000 consignors, I have an abundant selection of clothing, shoes, and purses. My selection changes daily and regular visits help you snag the good stuff before someone else does!”

When you visit Chrysalis Consignments, you are likely to encounter Celeste’s sidekick/customer service representative, Silas, an adorable Schnauzer who will make your shopping experience all the more delightful.

Chrysalis Consignments is located at 515 Main Street in Cañon City.

Find their website HERE and find them on Facebook HERE.

The store hours are:

Tuesday – Saturday: 
10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Sunday – Monday:

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