FEDC TechSTART Company Profile: Learn anytime, from anywhere, with Blickel

Discovering a new niche, former schoolteacher Gregory Carlsson offers a new e-Learning platform which enables instructors to teach thousands of people concurrently. Customizing the eLearning experience, Blickel’s new platform presents a competitive advantage from other eLearning platform.  With real-time analytics, Blickel users will be able to create their own online solution where they can create and track content and assign that content to users.

Available to private and public sector organizations as well as to individual consumers and groups, Blickel can designate content as private, protected, or public. Its ease of use, front-end graphics and flexibility in building out individualized and tiered modules makes it a soon to be industry leader. Blickel has already won an Innovative Industries Internship Grant and won the Roundup Bull Session People’s Choice Award. Blickel made their production product available in March of 2020 with a free version to assist schools dealing with the statewide Stay at Home order.

Learn more about Blickel’s eLearning Community Platform and their work with Fremont Economic Development Corps “TechSTART” project here.


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