GuestNav: All you need is a backpack and drive to make your dreams a reality

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” This is Bryan Basset in a nutshell. Initially starting his career with Shell Oil Company in the 1970s, his interest in tech and  specifically IBM mainframes was born. This opportunity had him working throughout North America, including Wyoming, Alaska, California, and eventually Colorado. After
years of gaining knowledge and confidence in tech, Basset stepped out on his own. Geared with his backpack he went door to door offering free tech service and ended up creating the largest IT business in Northwest Colorado. This successful venture was the first of many, ultimately becoming the launchpad to GuestNav.

Building on the relationships and marketing ideas formed while selling a smartphone app called, GuestNav is starting flourish. GuestNav manages advertising and content on the internet landing pages for hotel guests around the country. Their customers already include over 5,000 Choice Hotels properties, 9 regional airports in Europe, and 472 New York City subway stations. With the support of Fremont County’s entrepreneurial community and FEDC TechSTART, GuestNav has leveraged a diverse group of resources to help with their launch and initial growth. To learn more about GuestNav and Bryan Basset, click here to read their FEDC TechSTART business profile.

FEDC’s TechSTART program is an award-winning tech sector community, creating an innovation catalyst for rural Colorado. TechSTART facilitates the South Central Tech
Sector Partnership, working to develop a public and private tech sector ecosystem in Fremont, Custer, Chaffee, and Lake Counties. To learn more, visit


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