River Science Travels Full Circle and Returns to Cañon City

River Science is a nonprofit that answers the conservation concern, maximizing results and producing actionable data for proven results. Its approach using new technology has created valuable river imaging results at a much lower cost than other options on the market. Uniquely built instruments collect data that are sent to the cloud for a current, interactive analysis. Combined with implementing new drone technology, River Science developed data sensors that send data to Internet applications where valuable information is gleaned, and results are produced immediately. The approach, which is more cost effective than other companies can provide, presents research findings and solutions specific to the needs of your rivers.

FEDC TechSTART partnered with Luke Javernick, Ph.D., founder of River Science, two years ago when he established his non-profit in Cañon City. FEDC TechSTART offered his business low-cost office space in our business supportive community so that he could realize his dream and then offer his product at low cost. Through networking at FEDC TechSTART, Dr. Javernick has built his team and recently was awarded by the State of Colorado the contract to manage River Watch, a 30-year-old citizen science program focused on river health.

Luke Javernick, Ph.D. is a Cañon City native who founded River Science in 2016. Luke is an award-winning (Marie Sklodowska-Curie Action) river scientist who spent the early part of his career studying and improving rivers in New Zealand, Colorado, and Oregon and later studying ways to improve river management through cost-effective techniques in Italy. Luke is passionate about leveraging open source software, low-cost hardware, and advanced computing to collect affordable data at a meaningful scale to provide valuable information to our clients and projects. Luke’s vision, ambition, and creative approaches have helped launch River Science into a successful nonprofit with strong partnerships across Colorado.

To learn more about River Science, read their FEDC TechSTART business profile here, and visit them at www.river.science.


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