Second 61: Defense Cyber Support from Rural AmericaSolution authorities cut from the same cloth as our Founding Fathers and patriots.

Requiring more specialized experts, lower cost of operations, and a mission-oriented workforce, a United States federal customer partnered with Second-61 for a solution. Second-61 meets these unique needs by building support locations in Colorado’s rural markets. In its second year of operation, Second-61 now provides this federal customer service desk support for its critical global operations.

Partnering with FEDC TechSTART, Second-61 provides training and employment for those in the Fremont County community who deliver technical support to our nation’s military. Our local community college partners with Second-61 by offering educational tracks that are based on the military’s needs. Located in the Colorado mountains, Second-61 offers the military the advantage of its low cost of living with a short commute to the airport. …

To learn more about Second-61 read their FEDC TechSTART business profile here, and visit them at

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