The Florence Citizen: Go Big or Go Home …. Or do Both

Tony and Sara have big dreams for The Florence Citizen, and while they’ve had the paper for only a year, they’ve already accomplished so much. Taking on the old newspaper was no small task, but for the risk-taking couple it was an opportunity to see how much they could grow and accomplish. They set out to preserve this historical paper and create a new community along the way. They worked endlessly at updating billing and accounting information, revamping their delivery and subscription options, moving office spaces for a more central location, as well as updating their online presence. 

Coming back to Florence, Colorado seemed to always be Tony and Sara’s individual calling. Even while living in other places such as Washington and Hawaii, they wanted to come back to the community that made a lasting mark on them. Go big or go home right? And in their case, it was both. The Florence Citizen is helping their dream of giving back to the community a strong reality. Tony and Sara are passionate about showing Florence off, from local artists, to graduating high-school seniors, to the “Memory Lane” section of the paper that highlights Florence’s history. There is no shortage of opportunity and knowledge that comes from The Florence Citizen.

To read more about Tony, Sara, and The Florence Citizen click here to read their FEDC TechSTART business profile.

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