Unbridled Embraces TechSTART for Remote Workers

Values. Integrity. What is so rare in our culture has become foundational for an investment company, one that is in the process of transforming lives. Stan Bullis founded Unbridled Solutions nearly two decades ago with the vision to restore communities and people. Stan and his company have done that for numerous locations, even founding and funding 20 additional companies. Unbridled now operates on a finance model that has resulted in $1.5 million being donated to local charities.

Bullis discovered FEDC TechSTART in 2017 during a trip to Fremont County when Unbridled acquired and began the restoration of the St. Cloud Hotel on Canon City’s historic Main Street. The teams quickly recognized the similarities in their charters and formed a partnership centered on rural prosperity. Unbridled is now working to restore several buildings on Main Street from its office at FEDC TechSTART and has hired staff from TechSTART to expand its web development team. In late 2019, Bullis partnered with other local entrepreneurs to acquire the historic Florence High School and launch Emergent Campus, a new co-working and commercial space concept that builds on the economic development efforts of the TechSTART project.

To learn more about Unbridled, read their FEDC TechSTART business profile here, and visit them at www.unbridled.com.


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