“My goal with every customer interaction is to provide them with a positive experience,” Madi Weber, Owner of Positive Computing

One might assume being a young woman starting a computer business in a small rural community would be difficult, but Cañon City entrepreneur Madi Weber, founder of Positive Computing, says she has found it to be the exact opposite in Fremont County. 

Young Woman in Rural Tech
In this FEDC TechSTART case study you will learn about Madi’s journey as a high school geek from a small town south of Wichita, Kansas, to studies at Wichita State University for an Associate’s Degree where often “I was the only woman in the room for math and computer programming classes,” followed by a move to Cañon City where her brothers had recently moved. 

Next she chose to study business and accounting studies at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS). “I wanted to combine my interest in technology with business management.”

Empowered as a tech entrepreneur
With two degrees completed, it was time for Madi to decide on a career path. “I had numerous options,” she relates. “I could have been a project manager. I could have gone into accounting. I could have gone to work in Industrial Engineering. But all of these would have required me to move to Denver, Colorado Springs or Pueblo. I had been in Cañon City for about two years, really loved living here, and simply couldn’t envision living anywhere else.”

After thoughtful consideration with her husband Chase, she decided to follow her passion for customer service combined with her background in computing and open her own shop. 

“I just love people and helping them solve their technology problems.”

About Positive Computing
Located next to FEDC TechSTART on Main Street in Cañon City, Positive Computing assists local residents and businesses with their technology needs and has worked with organizations like the Cañon City Rotary Club, and was awarded a project to upgrade the computers and network for the John C Fremont Library District in Florence.

“Choosing to remain in Fremont County and open my own business was one of the most important professional decisions that I’ve made so far in my career,” she recounts. “I’ve never felt more empowered to be an entrepreneur. And I am just getting started.”

To learn more about Positive Computing, read their FEDC TechSTART business profile here, and visit them at www.positivecomputing.net.

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