We recently announced our hot-off-the-press “100+ Things to Do in Fremont County” brochure and we’ve already had a lot of great responses to it! Thanks everyone!! If you haven’t picked up your very own copy yet, we’ve added a downloadable brochure on the webpage. Click HERE for the free download!

Today, we’re going to tell you about an idea to make the “100+ Things” concept a lot more fun and interactive. We call it the #Fremont360Challenge. Here’s how it works:

  1. Check out the list of “100+ Things to Do in Fremont County,” either the hard copy brochure or the list on the web page (which you can find HERE for the computer version or HERE for the smartphone version).
  2. DO something on the list.
  3. Take a selfie or have someone else take a photo of you doing that thing.
  4. Post the photo on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #Fremont360Challenge.

At the end of each month – starting in February – we’ll scour Facebook and Instagram for any and all photos with the hashtag #Fremont360Challenge during that month and from those people who correctly used the hashtag, we’ll randomly select one lucky winner of a gift certificate from a local business.

See the included sample post from our Instagram account.

A few guidelines:

  • Photos should be taken in the same month they are posted.
  • You don’t actually HAVE to be in the photo yourself, but we just think that makes it more fun)! 🙂
  • Be sure to include where you are and/or what you’re doing as part of your caption.
  • If your photo is taken at a business, be sure to tag the business as well to share the love! <3
  • All photos have to be taken within Fremont County.
  • Your name will be entered in the drawing once for every post using the hashtag #Fremont360Challenge
  • Please don’t hashtag multiple photos of you doing the same thing.
  • Since we’re making this up as we go along, we reserve the right to change the “rules” as necessary.
  • Keep it fun, appropriate, and clean please.

That’s it! Get busy and have fun!





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